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Taking The Step To Properties Abroad

A lot of people from opulent nations are purchasing real estates foreign countries to use as seclusion houses, holiday homes or as an investment.
Most developing countries welcome the incursion of foreign estate owners, because it is often...

Who are the most expensive precious markets to real estates in the world

In some regions o the world the real estates are so traditionally expensive that you cannot buy for 1. 5 million dollars as well even who knows what : commend Businesweek.
Despite the world economy problems, the mortgage crisis and the...

The best countries for doing business

Bulgaria fills 44   point in the ranking to the best countries for doing business, produce by Forbs. Romania anticipates our country only with several points, to be rated to 40 point in this indicator
The combination between the low...

Zarneni Hrani Bulgaria To Open Biodiesel Plant Next Month

Zarneni Hrani Bulgaria will open a biodiesel plant in Provadia next month, executive director Georgi Kostov told shareholders today.
We expect our H1 profit to come to 2.5 mln leva (1.27 mln euros), but we must take into account the...

One of our hotels among 100- the best in the world

Our hotel was ranged among 100 - the best in the world.
“RIU Helios” hotel in Sunny Beach received prestigious prize “TUI Holly 2008”-...

A man from Varna is going to build up the highest skyscraper

The building will build up of 160 meters at the entrance of the capital, and investment will exceed 40 million Euro. Prices of apartments will grow in geometric progression on the top floors.
Varna entrepreneur and lecturer at the University...

Russian media: Bulgarian property prices hold

Bulgaria holds a special place in search of the property of Russian citizens. According to research by September, prepared by specialized estates trading site, first as a destination for investment in property abroad stands namely...

Crisis as a period for new features of the property market

The financial crisis led to a change in the trend of global real estate market. While for some this means difficulties in implementation of projects due to limited funding, decline in demand to lower property values and a worsening economic...

Abramovich gave to his girlfriend land on the moon

Darya Zhukova, girlfriend of Roman Abramovich, received by him land on the moon, announced InterNovosti.Ru.
The plot spreads over 100 acres (about 40 hectares), located in the southern hemisphere of the moon and has excellent visibility from...

Holidays of CHEAP BULGARIAN HOUSES Head Office

After a dynamic year in which our team worked hard, our office in Kazanlak will be closed for the holidays, starting 24th December. We shall be back on 3th   January 2009.
If you have any questions, please contact at our local...

Good opportunity for investition in property at this time

In a time when the world is in a financial crisis and many goods are losing their value it is worth investing in assets that will keep their price despite the economic conditions, brokers state explicitly. The real estate market in Bulgaria...

China became the third economic power in the world

China revised to increase its growth in 2007 to 13% against 11.9 %, said the National Statistical Office of the country and added that this is the final data. According to these data in 2007 the Chinese economy has gained 3500 billion dollars on...

Bank of America will receive financial assistance of $ 20 billion

Bank of America and the Ministry of Finance of the U.S.  agreed the government  to grant to financial hardship Bank 20 billion. This money will be to overcome the difficulties after the acquisition of Merryll Lynch.
The biggest...

The best city to live

For second consecutive year, Varna won the top "The best city to live", organized by Darik radio and newspaper "24 hours". This year special call received four more cities - Sofia, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo and Teteven. Seaside...

The reason for the sharp warming of the European climate is the cleaner air

Scientists from the French Atomic Energy Commission argued that reducing emissions also lead to warming.
Harsh warming of European climate is caused by a reduction in the level of air pollution in recent decades, but the tempos of...

Bulgaria and the Czech Republic the most popular destinations for investment in properties to Russians

Bulgaria and the Czech Republic are the most popular countries for Russians to buy property abroad, reported the electronic edition, by reference to the study of real estate DOKI.
In these countries are orientate 25% of...

Real estate in Bulgaria has decreased in price

Real estate in Bulgaria has decreased in price in the fourth quarter of 2008 compared to the third quarter, data by the National Statistics Institute published today shows.
The index of market prices of real estate in Bulgaria for the...

The best time to invest in cheap bulgarian village property

Now is the best time to invest in village properties and apartments because the prices slump to 20%.
Representatives of real estate companies are united around the idea that now is the best time to buy homes if buyers have secure income.

Double tourists in Belogradchik

Double tourists in Belogradchik expected this year compared to last
This was announced at a meeting of the Civil Council of the Municipality - Mayor Emil Tsankov. Estimates are that this year in Belogradchik rocks will be visited by about...

Bulgaria real estate prices increased by 2.2 per cent in real terms in 2008

Bulgaria is one of a handful of countries across the globe to see its property prices rise amid the economic meltdown last year, according to the annual report by Global Property Guide, which gauges 32 property markets in the world.

Bulgaria property a good long-term bet

Property in Bulgaria will continue to offer good income for investors buying in the country in 2009 it has been predicted.
According to Quest Bulgaria Property Magazine, returns will fall slightly from the average annual price increase of 30...

Beautiful Bulgaria project continues

In 2009 some 241 sites on the territory of the country will be renovated with finds from the state budget under the "Beautiful Bulgaria" project.
 A total of 21 million euros will be allotted for the purpose. The money will...

Property price have fallen by nearly 10 per cent in the second quarter

The index of market prices of the houses for the second quarter of 2009 toward the first quarter of 2009 is 90,3%. That means that the average reduction of the market prices is 9,7%.
This represent a slow down in the pace of reduction...

Perperikon was chief economic center in the Eastern Rhodopes

Newly discovered ancient and medieval inscriptions of Perperikon define it as a significant commercial and economic center in the Eastern Rhodopes in 4-5 century.This announced professor Nikolai Ovcharov.
“The inscriptions were the...

Bulgarian Black Sea properties decreased with 15 percent up to 70 percent

The crisis led to a drastic reduction in property prices, acknowledged yesterday representatives from the industry. The price of the sea real estates fell from 30% to 70% compared to the same period last year. The largest decline is for properties...

Property prices in Bulgaria slid by 0.8 per cent

Property prices in Bulgaria slid by 0.8 per cent between April and July compared with the previous quarter, the National Statistical Institute (NSI) said.
On an annual basis, the  prices of Bulgarian properties have decreased by 9.7...

Bulgarian Real Estate market in January 2011 was double than January 2010

The number of property deals on Bulgarian real estate market in January 2011 was double that of January 2010. Usually the number of sales at the start of the year is lower, but this is this year is different. 2010 was a difficult year for the...

Bulgaria celebrating 3th March

Today we celebrate the national holiday in Bulgaria- 3th of March. 133 years before that date in 1878 have been sign peace contract between Russia and Ottoman Empire. Which put the end of Russian-Turkish war 1877-1878.
The date March 3 marks...

Global investment Bulgarian property market will continue to recover and in 2011

Global investment Bulgarian property market will continue to recover and in 2011.
The increasing activity will lead to a broader focus on developing and secondary property markets not only of the world’s largest locations that was...

Ski resort Bansko 2012

Yesterday 17.12.2011 started the ski seasons “ Bansko-2012”. The event was attended by the famous skiers Michael Valhovfer and Petar Popangelov. On “Banderishka meadow’’, except fivefold winner of the World Cup- Mark...

Preparation of Tax Declaration and Annual Financial Report

From 01.01.2012 started the process for preparation of annual Financial Reports and Tax declaration.
Our company Bulgarian House Ltd provides services including professional preparation of annual financial reports and precise annual tax...